I’ve been incredibly lucky as a filmmaker to work across a diverse range of over 50 projects in the last 7 years. I’ve donned many roles, from leading projects to assisting some superb filmmakers. As a result, my work now has bold stylistic elements that go beyond a single genre, making each film a unique compelling piece that grabs your attention.

I couple this with an intimate understanding of story, narrative structures and emotion, to guide my films to dance and shift between moods with ease. My goal is still the same as it was when I first started storytelling – to make you, the viewer, feel.

It might not be surprising that most of my time is spent obsessing about films. But in the rare moments when I am not, you can find me chasing good food, immersive books and a fun game of badminton.

I hope you enjoyed watching my reel and my work. To keep up with my work, you can connect with me at: